Over decades lack of regulation within the sewage treatment and wastewater treatment industry has regrettably resulted in varying levels of quality and a degree of volatility in the performance of the myriad of different sewage treatment systems being used throughout Ireland today.

For peace of mind many domestic customers, as well as commercial customers, feel it is far more financially beneficial to have a maintenance contract to ensure they sewage treatment plant is adequately serviced, in a timely manner, by a qualified and authorised service technician. All work carried out is done so in strict compliance with and approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency Ireland) and Local Authorities, with all our work photographed, time and date stamped.

H&S Environmental Ltd offers a range of maintenance contracts, all of which are priced realistically and competitively for a 2012 market. After each inspection we will provide a documented inspection report, detailing any remedial work necessary.  If you would like to enquire about a wastewater sewage treatment maintenance contract please contact us here.