Septic Tanks have been a common Sewage and Wastewater solution for decades in rural Ireland, where connection to mains sewage and waste treatment plants were not readily available. Ireland saw a large number of rural houses connected to a private Septic Tank sewage system during the construction boom in the years that preceded newer environmental regulations and planning stipulations that demanded the use of more environmentally friendly sewage systems.

For many home owners in rural Ireland, maintenance of a septic tank is not considered, until of course a septic tank problem arises. For the most part Septic Tanks do function correctly, only requiring occasional septic tank desluding. However from time to time more sinister issues can arise which can lead to contamination of surrounding land and even water sources.

It is vitally important and Septic tank maintenance, repair or upgrade is carried out by a professional and reputable company. We pride ourselves on being able to advise independently, meaning we will advise and install septic tank upgrades that suit your garden space and of course your budget.